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Communication that has an impact in real time

Make the most of all the benefits of digital marketing!
We have developed an indoor digital display network for your advertising campaigns and commercials.
Modern digital screens that make an impact and optimise your brand's visibility.

Overview of our digital advertising:

. Reactive communication
. Creative freedom
. Modern displays
. Optimum readability
. diffusion in real time


You can broadcast your videos and commercials on our attractive, imposing, modern digital screens for a guaranteed impact!

Large Format 
High quality of image - Full HD


The display quality of our digital screens ensures perfect readability, even from a metre away.

broadcast frequency


Broadcasting frequency of your commercials on our digital panels can vary from 10 to 60 seconds per minute.

our digital display,
A few technical elements

Display size:  82 x 135 cm
Screen: 55" - 1080 x 1920 pixels - Full HD
Files to supply: JPG / PDF for fixed images, MP4 for video


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