An unusual location,
an original concept:
that was how Next One was created.

When it's right there in front of you
you just can't miss it!

If the idea of using washrooms as an advertising space seems surprising or makes you laugh, our network has proven its pertinence and effectiveness.

As France's top indoor advertising company, we are proud to count prestigious brands from a range of business sectors among our 300 clients.

From the coast to the mountains, from Bordeaux to Guyana, we offer our advertisers 40 000 opportunities to carry out targeted campaigns with a strong impact.

Next One is not just an innovative network, it is also one with a great future. Proximity, hyper-targeting, a capacity to create complicity with target clients: these are more than ever the keys to effective advertising. We are continuing to innovate in this direction with the same passion and with all the energy and creativity our teams have to offer to make each of your campaigns a success.

18 years experience... and many more to come.

A few key dates:

2000 Creation of NEXT ONE
2003 Installation
at the Stade de France
2005 10.000 display panels
in 45 French towns
2008 Installation
in the French overseas territories
2010 Presence
in over 100 towns
2012 Digitalisation of display panels
2015 + 30.000 display panels
in 125 French towns

We don't believe that you never go!


40 000 displays in France and the French overseas territories