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Busy places

Communicate via a widespread indoor display system and surprise your target customers at the most receptive moments of their lives.
A wide range of very popular high-end establishments that people go to to have fun and relax, for leisure and sport...

 Our network of places people go to in figures:

125 French towns
+32 500 DISPLAYS
+10 000 establishments
14/28 days of display

Our urban circuit (OOH)

We are on display wherever your customers go

follow the guide...

“ Coffee & croissant time ”
Café - Bar
“ Business
lunch ”

Restaurant - Brasserie - Bistro - Fast Food
“ Time
to relax ”

Fitness centre - Bowling alley - Indoor football
“ After work ”
Bar - Lounge - Pub
“ Party
night ”

Festive bar - Club

national coverage
and a local base

in the 125 largest towns in France

Target your communication campaign geographically mountain resort or abroad...

In France's overseas territories

Our network extends to France's overseas territories: Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane, La Réunion and Mayotte


Customised offers

Our «Places people go to» network can adapt perfectly to your target and budget objectives.
All our locations are allocated criteria and segmented, according to their target clientele, the clients' age and the type of location. We use this data to develop highly-targeted communication campaigns and optimise your visibility.



student / AB+ professional / sporty / young & active / general public /



15-25 / 18-30 / 25-45 / 35-50 / +60 ans /


Location type

restaurant / brasserie / café / fitness centre / bowling alley / cinema /...



national / regional / town / coastal resort / ski resort...